CHAOS - Computer Hardware and Operating Systems

This is the coursework material that I produced over first year for the CHAOS module. Please don't plaigirise as you'll likely get caught and it's not a good look :).

I'm the first to admit, that this project isn't really adventurous or out the box - I struggled to find something I really wanted to do with the WeMos kit and hit a roadblock, so I came up with a study timer to help me keep to a study regime for the christmas exams that were coming up. It worked, so there's that!

It works in the way that there the WeMos is connected to the breadboard, which has a small arm attached. This small arm sits in the horizontal position, holding maltesers in a tube. The WeMos will count down to the given time, when reached it will drop a malteser and start a break timer. This will then continue onto the study timer and continue in a loop, until the power to the WeMos is switched off.

Happy Coding!